Can I buy a box to have it delivered to a friend?

Absolutely, we love surprises! And we definitely love cookies surprises! Just tell us where, when and what's the lucky friends' name in the description box on your order.

How long can I keep the cookies?

You can enjoy and keep loving our cookies when keeping them in our box for up to 4 days. You can also freeze them for up to 1 month and warm them up in the oven ! Mmmmh....

Which areas do you deliver to?

Deliveries in Antwerp - We deliver our cookies 5 days a week in Antwerp!
The deliveries leave every day at 15:00.
You can also find us on Delivroo and Uber eats.
Deliveries nationwide - yes! We deliver all over Belgium!
Twice a week, every Wednesday and Sunday.
Fun fact: the cookies are baked in the morning and delivered to you the same day!
The freshest of the freshest.. YUMMY

Can I pass by your kitchen to order a box of cookies?

Absolutely! We do always advise to order your box in advance in case we don't have each flavour ready. But you are more than welcome to pass by and see what we have for you in stock.

Can I just buy 1 cookie?

Trust us, you won't feel satisfied with just 1 cookie ;) We currently only work with boxes.

Do you have glutenfree cookies?

At the moment we don't, but we are working on the perfect recipe for you guys!

Do you have dairy free / vegan cookies?

Yes! We have our Texas life and New yorker as a delicious vegan option! And let us tell you, once you have a taste, you won't be able to stop...