Good cakes are made with the best ingredients. That's what leads us to use the finest products Belgium has to offer


Our giant cookie cakes have a diameter of 18cm! perfect for a party of 7-8 people.


This isn’t a contest of course, but this one definitely has the ambition to win. No matter the mood or the weather, 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗡𝗲𝘄 𝗬𝗼𝗿𝗸𝗲𝗿 always wins! May we introduce you « The New Yorker » our classic Dark Chocolate chip Cookie.

The New Yorker

Classic dough,

Dark Chocolate chip

Topped with dark chocolate chunks and melted dark chocolate


Hi, i’m a local. I’m proud of the many things Belgium is known for.

I’d tell you all about it, but you probably live here.

You might recognise me from sitting next to your coffee in the morning.

The Belgian Bite

Speculoos dough

& speculoos paste

Topped with speculoos cookies 

and speculoos paste


I live in a world full of hopes and dreams, take a bite of me and I promise, I will make all of your cookie dreams come true.


Classic dough,

peanuts m&m, milk chocolate

Topped with m&m’s chocolate, and m&m’s


I live on the tree branches in Japan. 

From up above you see the beauty of life, flowing through.

To get to know more about the deliciousness of Japan, take a bite...


Matcha dough,
white chocolate chip

Topped with white chocolate and melted white chocolate


Hey gorgeous,

In my world anything is possible, sweet and salty mix like a party you never wanna leave.

I have always lived like there was no tomorrow, and now, so will you.

Vegas baby

Classic dough

with crisps and Oreo chunks

Topped with Nutella, double cream Oreo, and touches of crisps and Oreo crumbles

Texas 800 pix.jpg

Y’all will never guess how cool I am. 

I am one of the biggest cookies in the USA, I ride horses, I might wear a Cowboy hat when I’m in the mood, AND I own a Bison. Yes I do.

I’m telling you, Y’all don’t want to mess with me.

Well, you might fall in love with me. Wanna bet?

Vegan Texas life

Vegan peanut butter dough  with peanut crumbs

Topped with peanuts and peanut butter


I am probably the most fun out of all of them, I dance my way through life.

My textures and shapes will drive you crazy and yes, I am gorgeous.

Come dance with me!

Rio De Janeiro

Classic dough
pecan nuts & milk chocolate chunks Inside and outside

I don’t have any time to waste, so I won’t belong. 

My buddies here are all here to charm you and make you weak. 

My power is to make you listen very carefully, you have one choice: take me with you and you’ll win everyone over. Don’t believe me? Your loss.


I was born in Yorkshire - but moved to Oxford quite early on. My lifestyle is quite a simple one.


A cup of tea is what you take with me, no questions asked. My perfect night is a cosy night in with a blanket and my hot drink. Would you like to join? 

Russian Roulette

Classic dough
with white chocolate chips

Topped with White chocolate and melted white chocolate

The Oxford Lord

 Cinnamon dough
carrot & walnuts

Topped with sugar frosting walnuts & touches cinnamon


There is a place on earth where the sky meets the sea perfectly, where breakfasts are an adventure and dinners are a round of fun! The cereal that melts in your milk, and the sweetness of the mix! That’s where I’m from. Morning beach stroll, anyone ?


Classic dough
Cocopops & milk 

Topped with milk chocolate, and melted chocolate


I live in the Amazonian jungle.

I might be tough, but don't be fooled, I will melt in your mouth the second you take a bite.

The jungle feels good to me, it's the excitement of an adventure. I dare you, take a bite and join the adventure.


Cacao dough

white chocolate chips

Topped with white chocolate and melted white chocolate


You know my twin brother, but I live in Brooklyn.

I have always cared about the planet, and I believe being vegan is the least I can do.

I might be your typical Vegan girl. 

Being vegan makes me just that little bit cooler, that's all.

The Vegan New Yorker

Classic vegan dough, vegan Dark Chocolate chunks

Topped with dark chocolate and melted dark chocolate