Cookiele started with one simple goal - Add more fun to every ordinary day.

Homemade American Cookies seemed like the perfect way to make that happen.

Two girls with international backgrounds, sat together for months with the patisserie chef Lidor Danino to create the perfect cookies experience.

What started as a small home-based business, quickly grew into

one of Antwerps’ places to be!

Baking our products from our very own kitchen guarantees our cookies to be made with no added preservatives.

 At Cookiele we pick local ingredients and keep experimenting with the newest baking techniques. We offer a variety of flavors with the perfect amount of chewiness and crunch, that is baked by the minute for each ordered box. 

Whether it’s for a friends' reunion, a party, a work meeting, or simply a delicious and fun dessert; Cookiele’s homemade cookies will complete the event and bring that special childlike joy to your day!

“Cookiele,  As Sweet as your Dream”

Cookiele owner oriana noa.jpg